Mar 31, 2016

Invisible design

These days people look at fashion in a very shallow way. Even if the designer got his inspiration for a fashion piece from the most actual topics customers take it superficially. If Andy Warhol once said "Don't look inside my work to find the meaning. Everything is on the surface.” The WNBS project claims exactly the opposite. WNBS believes in individual involvement and content oriented future fashion.


In order to show the power of content you wont find any design in WNBS product as they are based on the concept - content over form. The idea is very simple: single word, black on white or white on black. Of course even white on white and black on black is available, but the main idea is, that each individual who will choose WNBS product will add the form in a sence of his experience or with the occasion on which he will appear in or with a WNBS product. Various individuals in different environments communicate different messages using the same word.


The words are written in Helvetica Regular, all caps. Therefore the form is in the service of the chosen word. To enable the content of the word to establish the strongest possible interaction with an individual and their environment.


It is hard to understand the power of the simplicity of the WNBS products without having it. So do not hesitate, visit WNBS shop, choose what you want to be today and make it come true.

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