Feb 06, 2017

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WNBS is not fashion. It is a concept. It's about what you wanna be or what you've just become. It's just a message. You and the chosen word. No design. Pure you. Black on white. White on black.

If you are wondering where they came from... All the 1674 words that the Wordbank currently contains were suggested by our members with one reason only, because they had a wish. And everybody wants to become something, at least for a day. If you make your wish public it is closer to becoming true. 

Do you have what it takes to add your word to the WNBS wordbank? Become a WNBS member and suggest it!

One word black on white or white on black will give you the opportunity to use the strongest force you ever possessed - the power of believing and let it come true. 

Chose your word carefully. If you believe - it works.

Suggest your word

06 Feb 2017

WNBS is not fashion. It is a concept. 


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LOVED – Top rated word on WNBS

17 Jan 2017

What do you want to be today?


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WNBS summer prize winning game

21 Jun 2016

The summer is ON! So here comes a HOT prize winning game!


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Invisible design

31 Mar 2016

The content orianted future fashion


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Free WNBS calendar file

02 Feb 2016

Play with daily ‪words wherever you go!


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Welcome to the new WNBS!

15 Jan 2016

Your WNBS is back! Better than ever! 


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