Jan 17, 2017

LOVED – Top rated word on WNBS

The WNBS Wordbank currently contains 1674 words suggested by our members from all over the world. All these words represent their wishes. Every time a product with a certain word is purchased, that particular word gains more points in our wordbank. The result is the WNBS Word Chart. Now, it is a rating list of the most frequently used words by our members from all over the world. It offers a unique knowledge of what people globally most aspire to become. In other words, it represents a global Wish Chart.


The first, by far the most often used word in the WNBS Word Chart, from the very beginning of the WNBS project has been the word - LOVED. 


LOVED printed on different products such as cups, mugs, wristbands, t-shirts and others helps us to be or to become LOVED.  Based on the WNBS Word Chart, being LOVED is what the majority desire.  


After years of following WNBS members’ experiences, we know that, sooner or later, the chosen word comes true. With no exceptions. It simply turns to the strongest force you’ve ever possessed – the power of believing. 


Check it out! Choose one of the LOVED products, believe in it and sooner or later being loved will come true unconditionally. It’s a promise. 


Your WNBS 


P.S. As Victor Hugo would say “The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves—say rather, loved in spite of ourselves.”


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