Key points to understand

Wannabesociety is a concept about what you want to be. But there is a slight chance that in the meantime you have just become that! A dilemma that makes the project intriguing. This dilemma allows you to wear even the spiciest words from WNBS Word Bank.

WNBS builds the message based on just one word. We dismiss the form and stress the contents. The words are black on white or white on black. In Helvetica Regular, all caps. With no visible design elements. The form is in the service of the chosen word. To enable the content of the word to establish the strongest possible interaction with an individual and their environment, the only form is the word itself. The chosen word stripped of any form assumes full power over the individual's associations thus building individual messages. Various individuals in different environments communicate different messages using the same word.

All WNBS products are only white or black featuring a black or white word from the WNBS Word Bank. WNBS products are divided in two general groups – preprinted and custom made. They all abide by the same rule, which is allowing interaction within choice. When you choose a custom made product and the word, it will be printed in 3D flock technique resistant to tear and wash. All our products are packed appropriate and can be used as a gift.

WNBS is the first and so far the only project dismissing the visual presence of its own brand on its products. The good luck charm doesn't even feature the web address. The selected word has been chosen by an individual, therefore the presence of WNBS brand is redundant. People who know that the word is always black on white or white on black and now also black on black and white on white - know, this is the Wannabe Society principle. And it is this form reduced to extremes that is sufficient for the needs of identification with the WNBS i.e. brand. There will always be products having only one word on the surface, yet to identify with the manufacturer the brand must also be placed somewhere around the word. Due to its unique concept that primarily respects the chosen word of the individual, WNBS dismisses its logo and therefore becomes even more recognizable in the deluge of branded products.

If you've never owned a WNBS product, it is impossible to know what we're taking about when speaking about the unique experience. The most innocent of words, e.g. BANANA, printed on a T-shirt can acquire different forms in the eyes of two different observers. It all depends on who's wearing it, as well as where and when. Questions begin with regard to whether it's a woman or a man wearing it. Are they in the company of a boyfriend or three female friends, is it morning or evening? The message you're wearing might be stronger than you think. One option is for the environment to react stronger than you expect, and another, that there are cases when people really experienced it. They became what they previously only wished to be (See WNBS Experience). To make it clear as day: we claim there is nothing miraculous about these products. The secret is in the belief that anything is possible, if you wish strongly enough. You might call it autosuggestion. WNBS project is the playground for this wish to be expressed in all its force.

Musicians love WNBS tees. Sinead O'Connor played her concert in Ljubljana in a Wannabesociety T-shirt that meaningfully said SINNER. The Slovenian Balkan beat artist Magnifico is wearing his tee PROBLEM a bit to often. Neisha a versatile and virtuous pianist/singer/songwriter was also seen in a WNBS tee. Another talented young man who is a hip-hop artist originally from North CarolinaCesar Comanche obviously loves his sign that says CONFIDENT. The magnificent Soul & Funk singer Sam Sparro wants to be a HEDONIST. The latest artist to choose a Wannabesociety tee is iCon the Mic King. You can see this great rapper in his new video of in a tee that says SPACEMAN.

Everybody has a wish. And everybody wants to become something, at least for a day. If you make your wish public it is closer to becoming true. 

The secret of WNBS project is in its unique WNBS Word Bank. It currently contains 1674 words. If you can't find the right one, suggest your own. Each member can suggest a word, which is added to the bank after approval. At the very beginning of WNBS project some principles were set about what words can enter the bank and what words would be prevented at all accounts. Basically the words are supposed to have a broad associative field and to be positive. Combined with the unique experience of an individual, their past, activity and ambition they form the most individualised messages. Understanding these messages again depends on the environment, intention and time of wearing a WNBS product. Thus the same word acquires completely different meanings and messages on different individuals. For better understanding have a look at the ten basic principles that we observe when building the WNBS Word Bank.

1. Only single words are accepted. 
2. The word must offer the opportunity to become what it says. In reality or just metaphorically. 
3. Positive, optimistic words are wished for. But the meaning can also be negative. The final message always depends on the individual. 
4. Words that mark racial, national or any religious communities will not be accepted. 
5. Only those numbers that can be written in one word will be accepted. 
6. Words that might insult any group of people will not be accepted. 
7. Compound words will only be accepted as an exception. We rather avoid them as they narrow the associative field. 
8. Only English words will be accepted for the time being. 
9. Local slang words can be accepted if they are popular enough and the submitting member provides an adequate explanation of the word. 
10. Personal names will only be accepted as an exception if they represent a well known historical or contemporary icon in culture, sports or science and the submitter writes the description of the suggested word. Names of politicians will not be accepted.

Each individual needs time to understand the Wannabesociety concept. Once they discover it, the dialogue that is established within themselves is an immediate award. This is the sweetest feature of the WNBS project and it is 100% free. You don't even need to login. It is a question you ask yourself: Which words are the right ones for me? What do I really want? Something that we are constantly deprived of by the everyday pace of life. And than the second question:Which part of this would I want to share with my environment? This is the least compulsory and important part of the project. 

When we know what we want, we are already half the way towards reaching it. And the way is the best part. "Wishing to be something is more than just being it." - Gigio, 3rd January 2009

Your WNBS team 

So, what do you want to be today?

... and be careful what you wish for!