Solidary Donation

Solidary donation is one of the key elements of the WNBS project. A modest donation boosts the chance of your wish to come true. So far WNBS have contacted five local organisations in Slovenia which need help. But it's up to you to choose which organisation is close to your philosophy. 10% of every item purchased on the WNBS website will be dedicated to the organisation you choose at the end of the purchasing process. Hopefully more organisations will be added in the future.

A screenshot from the last step of the shopping process where you select your donations:

Solidary donation


The foundation for helping children with cancer and blood diseases

It is a humanitarian organization and its operation in solely dependent on donators. The foundation has many goals: to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents with cancer and blood diseases, to improve the quality of therapy for various cancer and blood diseases, to educate various health and education experts with the intent to improve the life quality of children and adolescents with cancer and blood diseases, to finance research activities in the field of hematooncology, to help parents in need.

Association against violent communication, project "Safe house"

The Association against violent communication is a non-governmental and a non-profit organization dedicated to violence prevention and spreading principles of non-violent communication. We consider violence as a problem of the entire society and of the ones who commit it. When the Association was founded we established 3 primary objectives: to reduce society’s tolerance to violence, help those who commit violence to change their behaviour, and help those who experience violence.

Kings of the street

Society for Self-Help for the homeless and Street Kings is an independent non-profit humanitarian organization goals, which was formally established in September of 2005. It brings together experts, professionals and other individuals dealing with homelessness and related phenomena and also individuals, who experience homelessness and related social exclusion every day.

Europa Donna Slovenia

Europa Donna Slovenia is part of the European Breast Cancer Coalition. It fights against breast cancer since 1997. Their activities are aimed to raise awareness of breast cancer, support of women for improved breast cancer education, prevention, help and support to cure. The focus is on highlighting the importance of proper breast cancer screening, early detection, and further education of health professionals, durable medical equipment and support research into breast cancer.


UNICEF is the only organisation within the United Nations that is exclusively dedicated to children and concerned with their survival, protection and development.