Be the Change You Wish to See

07 Jun 2023

Discover the Power of a Single Word - The Key to Becoming What You Wanna Be!

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Ignite Your Inner Revolution

30 May 2023

Celebrate the Power of a Single Word with the Wannabe Society, where dreams ignite and self-affirmation shines through monochromatic merchandise, inspiring greatness and embracing personal journeys.

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The Word That Changes It All

18 May 2023

First, there was a word... and that word has the power to define your future. Just like the biblical story of creation, where "In the beginning, there was the Word," we believe that a single word can create an entire universe within you.

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Unleash Your True Identity with WNBS

08 May 2023

The Ultimate Expression of Personal Style! Join the Wannabe Society and choose a word that resonates with you to build your own unique message and become who you want to be.

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WNBS Philosophy

WNBS is not fashion.
It is a concept.
It's about what you wanna be
or what you've just become.
It's just a message.
You and the chosen word.
No design.
Pure you.
Black on white.
White on black.
What do you wannabe today?

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