Yellow gold necklace

Three messages of the word LOVED

I was loved once, I am loved and I wish to be loved.

The testimonies of many users prove that the one-word concept works. It's simple: choose a product on which you want to see the selected word and with everyday awareness of the chosen word, you will actually achieve it. Sounds like a miracle? It is. But the miracle is you. The key role is played by the water in our body. Water has the power to memorise information and transmit it to reality. And we are almost entirely just - water. That is the secret. 

So, be careful which word you choose, sooner or later it will come true. With no exceptions.

In the year 2019 we believe you're gonna be LOVED forever.



The necklace is made of 14 karat gold, has an adjustable length (42 cm – 46 cm) and is enriched with precious LOVED pendant (25 mm).Naturale wood box