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Read carefully 10 principles for word approval

  1. Only single words are accepted.
  2. The word must offer the opportunity to become what it says. In reality or just metaphorically.
  3. Positive, optimistic words are wished for. But the meaning can also be negative. The final message always depends on the individual.
  4. Words that mark racial, national or any religious communities will not be accepted.
  5. Only those numbers that can be written in one word will be accepted.
  6. Words that might insult any group of people will not be accepted.
  7. Compound words will only be accepted as an exception. We rather avoid them as they narrow the associative field.
  8. Only English words will be accepted for the time being.
  9. Local slang words can be accepted if they are popular enough and the submitting member provides an adequate explanation of the word.
  10. Personal names will only be accepted as an exception if they represent a well known historical or contemporary icon in culture, sports or science and the submitter writes the description of the suggested word. Names of politicians will not be accepted.

5 last approved words

suggested by Sandra - 7/12/2023
suggested by Igor - 6/26/2023
suggested by LENA - 3/13/2023
suggested by Igor - 4/8/2022
suggested by Maša - 3/30/2021
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